The ROIs Keep on Rolling In as Perch Expands

At Perch, we put a lot of focus on business based case studies and ROI. For us it's the difference between doing a small scale project for a differentiated one off experience and understanding how Digital + Physical experiences can be delivered at scale to transform the retail experience and the business.   

That's why I am particularly pleased to announce that we have several new case studies in the works that continue to prove the 30-80% sales lift we see across categories.  As a results, our sales lift diagram just got a bit broader.  

Perch Retail Marketing Sales Lift .png

And while we are at it, we've been expanding country by country with new deployments in New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.  Perch is live in over 20 countries across five continents and we are ready to support the largest global customers.

Perch Global Retail Marketing Deployments.png


We try not to publish self-serving or congratulatory posts, but these are some major milestones for Perch so we are excited.   Should we be working with you?