Introducing PERCH Sense!

Everywhere you go there seems to be more looping video in retail stores.   Retail digital displays are a booming industry because it is extremely effective in capturing the attention of customers with rich media, motion that grabs the eye and sound that attracts attention.  And it's cost-effective because you can switch the message with a touch of a button vs. having to tear down and install something new.  

However, retail environments are dense and complex, which means it's hard for shoppers to navigate, and the breadth of products can be overwhelming.  There are just too many products in store to message them on one big screen and personalization platforms are lagging.  So digital displays have been limited to brand marketing, single product marketing, or sometimes a couple products on repeating loop - a dynamic medium limited by static input.

Until now!

We are excited to introduce PERCH Sense, the simplest, most cost affordable way to make your existing digital displays “Product-Aware.”   What this means is that you can now message a customer any time they touch, pickup or put down a product. The result is the next generation of in-store product marketing – personalized to customer actions automatically.


With PERCH Sense, now you can personalize your marketing message to the most important action the customer can take – indicating interest in a specific product in-store, all naturally in the shopper journey.   The result is 30-80% product sales lift, which has been proven across categories including electronics, accessories, apparel, beverage and more.


Perch Sales Lift by Category

Retail sales lift and ROI.png

PERCH Sense can be installed onto virtually any existing digital signage display.  It attaches via the VESA mounts in the back of all standard screens using a standard Phillips-head screwdriver.  Sense is available in multiple colors to seamlessly blend into walls and ships with its own 4G wifi hotspot so you don’t have to connect it to your store network.  That means no IT headaches, no installation headaches – no headaches at all. 

And if you already have existing screens, the hardware costs are just ~$10 per day.  $10 to create magical experiences in store.  $10 to delight and engage your customers. $10 to drive 30-80% product sales lift. 

Use PERCH Sense wherever you have high-margin or high turnover items you want to feature in store.  Or wherever products can use explanation (electronics, home goods, jewelry, accessories, etc.).  Line up a row of them and watch as consumers engage and explore different products just to unlock the digital content that you’ve already invested in online.  Got a row of toys and you want to captivate kids?  Amaze kids and take market and attention, as they touch physical products that then enthralls them with video and animation.   


As long as there has been a retail industry, there's been a war to capture the attention of shoppers in store. The in-store advertising market it's over $20b and for good reason.   It's harder than ever to break through to consumers in aisles at a time when 89% of consumers are more open to switching brands.  Relying on product facings and product packaging is not enough. 

Forget videos on constant loop, where recall is low, you are lucky if you catch the consumer’s attention and they are frustrated if they have to wait for the loop to come back.   It’s time to personalize your in-store messaging to your customers.  It’s time to give them the information they need.   It’s time for a more engaging retail experience.

It’s time to make your digital displays Product-Aware.  It’s time for PERCH Sense