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Rachel Schectman is the Founder and CEO of STORY, and is seen as one of the preeminent thought leaders of experiential retail.

Her creation of STORY, is a unique concept in which a retail space updates every two months, similar to pop-ups, but in one space. Rachel thinks of an effective experience as curated like a museum, editorialized and updated like a magazine, and sells stuff like a store.

STORY thematically reimagines the store every two months doing themes around play, circus, and are currently doing the theme “color” as part of “Story at Macy’s”. Executing on these new themes with such frequency is challenging, because you have new products, walls, and fixtures that need to be designed and installed.

Part of the reason to switch out the content with such frequency is to give customers a fresh reason to visit stores and a reason to keep coming back to see what is new. By collaborating with Perch, STORY has created experiences that are dynamic that can tell the story of a product, and change “story to story” or month to month.

Being able to bring out any piece of digital marketing collateral for each respective product allows you to market not just in the context of the product, but the greater theme of the overall store. This additional context makes each in-store purchase more significant and intentional.

Furthermore, the experience is almost magical, where one picks up a product and is given a wonderful experience that increases engagement. This helps creates the customer experience of shopping vs buying. Where buying could be done easily online with little excitement, shopping gives customers a delightful experience.

Rachel Schectman has been a longtime advisor to Perch, and Story has been a frequent collaborator.