Exact Smiles: The Smile Lab


See how Exact Smiles differentiates in the orthodontics industry by driving interactive educational experiences.

At several locations of The Smile Lab, customers can explore dental options in a fun, modern environment.

Perch invites customers to touch and explore dental equipment and physical objects in a way that teaches and makes them comfortable with advanced dental services.

The combined physical and digital experience fosters customer engagement and deepens brand loyalty.

Smile Lab partnered with Perch for its ability to deliver a highly interactive experience on a tight timeline and to provide them with the tools to update the experiences.

Smile Lab focused the interface on educating customers about Invisalign products, a way of correcting a patient’s smile without an orthodontist, without painful metal braces and at a lower price point.

The high visibility displays are featured in the front of their offices and use captivating moving imagery to attract customers’ attention, engage them and educate them about their products and services.